Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why I Buy Coconut Oil by the Gallon

I love coconut oil. And if you like coconut, you probably will too. But even if you don't like coconut, you can get a tasteless version.  
If you have seen any of my recipes, you may have noticed that pretty much all of them list coconut oil. I basically use coconut oil in everything. You may have heard that coconut oil has great health benefits, but besides that, I just like it - the taste, the smell, the texture, and that it's good for so much more than just food.  

Here are some of my many uses for coconut oil: 

1. Cooking - Coconut oil can replace most oils in almost any recipe. I especially like to use it in sautéed vegetables. Also, try substituting coconut oil for butter in drop biscuit dough for a lighter biscuit that's slightly crispy on the outside. 

2. Hair - Coconut oil is great for hair. There are a lot of different ways you can use it for hair care, but, about every week or so, I usually put a good amount in my hair before bed and then wash it out the next morning. Just make sure to knot your hair up so you don't get oil all over everything. I'm not going to say that it's a miracle fix for all your hair problems but I can really tell a difference if I don't do it for a while. I highly recommend trying this if you have curly hair.  

3. Skin - Coconut oil makes great lotion. You can either mix it with other ingredients or use it alone. I especially like to mix it with essential oils and use it as a facial lotion. I know, putting oil on your face sounds scary. But trust me, it's great.  

4. Wood Polish - You can use coconut oil to condition and polish unfinished wood. I use it for my wooden spoons and cutting boards. Just dab a little on a cloth or paper towel and rub it on the wood. 

Coconut oil might seem a little pricey, especially if you go for the good stuff, but just think about how much you spend on chemicals for your hair and skin and then think about the cost of a jar of coconut oil. Best part is that you will know exactly what you are using in and on your body.  


Jordan said...

If you're not going to say it, I will: Coconut oil is a miracle fix for all your hair problems.

Unknown said...

It's also supposed to be antibacterial and makes a great diaper rash cream by itself or mixed with some tea tree oil.

Michael Coughlin said...

We use it in homemade toothpaste, homemade deodorant and also blended in coffee. Good list. Where do you buy it?

Unknown said...

I buy through a co-op so we get a discount by buying by the case. They have very high quality oils. I've always been happy with them!
Here is the company we use: http://www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com/category/coconut-products-coconut-oil.php

Unknown said...

I love my coconut oil! Besides using it for cooking, I eat a spoonful every morning, and also use it every night to remove my eye makeup. Dr. Bronner's is my favorite brand. Such a great flavor!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! I've been looking at your blog for a little while now and it's fantastic!! I do have a couple questions though. I have longish really thick curly hair and so I tried the coconut oil last night, and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to apply it etc.? Also on the coconut oil for lotion I was wondering what young living oils you'd recommend putting in it? Thank you for all the time you put and effort you put into the blog, I look forward to each post, especially the essential oil ones as I'm new to them. :)

Thanks!! :)

Anna :)

Unknown said...

Hey Anna! Thanks for the questions! I usually take small amounts at a time and melt it in my hands before putting it in my hair, working it from the ends up. I just keep doing that until my hair is as saturated as I want it to be.
For lotion, I really like lavender. Lavender is great for dry or itchy skin. There are also some blends from Young Living like Stress Away or Joy that I have used in lotion. Recently, I've been mixing cedarwood and lavender. It gives it a warmer fragrance for winter and cedarwood is also good for your skin as well. I'm planing on writing post that go into more detail about things like this very soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! After trying the coconut oil my hair has been sooo nice, I'll definitely be doing this some more. I have all the oils you mentioned except cedar wood so I'll have to try those! I love the smells of stress away and joy (well and lavender too). :) I look forward to your post! :)


Adiba Alam said...
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Saqib Khatri said...
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