Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Planting


If you haven't planted your spring seeds yet, now is the time! I started working on my garden this week and I'm so excited to see all those little green sprouts coming up! I pulled up whatever was lingering from winter and was surprised to find that I had a few hidden treasures under all the dead looking carrot tops - over a dozen small, but beautiful, carrots. Surprisingly, my spinach did great all winter long. It actually thrived in the coldest part of the winter. I did cover my garden by covering the dog pen (you can see more about my dog kennel garden HERE) where I have my garden in plastic, but I didn't do a very good job and it definitely got below freezing in there. I woke up feeling a little under the weather this morning so I made my winter garden harvest into some creamy vegetable and rice soup. I always crave soup when I have a sore throat.

With a fresh clean garden, I replanted both carrots and spinach plus radishes and lettuce. I started the rest of my seeds inside. As usual, I decided to try things I've never grown before like artichokes. Did you know that artichokes are related to thistles? I didn't! Growing vegetables that I have no experience with sometimes sets me up for failure but every failure ends up being a lesson learned. I wonder what I'll learn from growing artichokes this year. I'm also trying wheat grass for the first time and it's growing so fast! If it's a success, I'll probably start growing it in my kitchen on a regular basis.

What are you growing this year?

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Sadie Sofia said...

You have such a wonderful attitude towards failure and trying new things!