Monday, March 14, 2016

Chocolate Dessert Bowls

My friend, Briana, recently introduced me to chocolate bowls. They were so fun to make and eat that I decided to share them with you! Jordan helped me make our own batch. His dogs were very interested in the process and stayed at our feet the whole time. It's hard to say no to that face, but chocolate is pretty much the worst thing possible for dogs so, sorry, Pip!

Chocolate bowls are really easy to make as long as you follow the rules:

1. Don't apply the chocolate to the balloon when it's hot.
2. Put each chocolate balloon in the freezer immediately or as soon as possible after applying the chocolate.
3. Make sure you get a thick coating on each balloon.
4. Don't over oil your balloons.
5. Don't blow your balloons up to full capacity.

We had to learn these rules the hard way so I listed them out so you don't have to. But no matter how your bowls turn out, I guarantee that they will be fun and delicious!

What you need

Chocolate - I used a mix of bittersweet and cookies & cream
Oil - I used cooking spray
Wax paper
Tray or baking sheet
Freezer space 

What to do...

Start by melting chocolate in a double broiler on medium heat stirring often. Remove from heat once melted and set aside. Blow up balloons to the desired size and lightly coat with oil. I sprayed each balloon with a little cooking spray and used my fingers to evenly distribute it. 
Once the chocolate is cooled to room temperature or slightly warmer, use a spoon to coat one side of each balloon and promptly place in the freezer on a tray lined with wax paper. When the chocolate is set, pop and remove the balloons from your chocolate bowls and you're done! Add ice cream and enjoy!

Thanks, Briana!


Unknown said...

This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing!
BTW, I love reading your blog and sharing in snippets in your life. :)

Unknown said...

These look so good! How do you prevent the chocolate from dripping too far down the sides of the balloon? and wouldn't the chocolate harden if you let it cool too long before putting it on the balloon?

Unknown said...

Hey Maria! It actually takes longer than would think for chocolate to harden at room temperature. It should only just barely start to thicken when it has cooled to room temperature which makes it a lot easier to control as your putting it on the balloon. However, you will still need work quickly and then put it directly in the freezer so it won't start sliding off once you set it aside to harden. Basically, you just don't want it to be HOT. If you put hot chocolate on the balloon, it will pop the balloon and get chocolate everywhere! Or at least that's what my friend, Briana, warned me. haha