Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Tour of the Garden

The last watermelon remaining. 

My loofa has taken over one side and the top of my garden and it just opened its first bloom this week. 

Mint is my favorite herb to grow because it keeps coming back every year.

This year, I tried something new with my garden. I planted vining plants in a 10x10 dog pen with chicken wire over the top and let them climb up the sides of the fencing. I made little shelves for the heavier fruit, like cantaloupe and watermelons, out of clothes hangers and an old pair of pantyhose. It worked out pretty great. Although, I definitely will do a few thing differently, including my planting layout. 

The fence was great because it kept everything contained and safe from rabbits and deer. It also made a sturdy trellis to support all my plants and keep them off the ground. The chicken wire, that I secured over the top with zip ties, helped to keep the birds away.

At this point, my garden is coming to a close, and pretty soon, I will pull everything up and start working on my fall vegetables. However, having an abundance of vegetables from my garden and friend's gardens has made me use them in anything and EVERYTHING. 

Scrambled eggs with garden vegetables.
- Tomatoes 
- Eggplant 
- Bell pepper
- Onion
- Eggs
- Salt & pepper 
- Minced garlic 
- Avocado for garnish 

All ingredients are to taste.

Sauté vegetables and spices until tender, then add the eggs and fold until the eggs become firm. Serve topped with avocado slices.

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