Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Feeling a Little Under the Weather?

Feeling a little under the weather? I am. I've spent the last couple of days in bed with a headache and a very sore throat. The first thing I do when I start feeling like I'm getting sick is take vitamin C. The second is get out my essential oils. Essential oils aren't a magic cure, but they will help you feel better and, in my experience, help keep your cold from turning into secondary ailments like sinus infections and stubborn chest congestion. Here are my go-to essential oil cold remedies:

1. Essential Oil Tea
This is actually nice to drink when you're not sick as well. I typically use an empty essential oil bottle and make a mix of the following:

1 drop cinnamon 
1 drop nutmeg 
3-4 drops clove 
6-8 drops lemon

You can also play with the ratio until you find the right mix for your taste. Just be careful because cinnamon and clove are very strong, especially cinnamon. I usually add about 3-4 drops and about a tablespoon of honey to a large mug of hot water.  
If you don't have all of these oils, you can just use clove and lemon because these are the most important in this particular mix. I recommend using 1 drop of clove and 2-3 drops of lemon per serving.

Tips: - Stir while drinking this tea because the oils will float to the top.
         - You can also make tea from an existing oil blend called Thieves from Young Living. My dad             loves Thieves, but sadly, I can't use it because I have an allergy to eucalyptus.
         - You can also use a tea bag with your essential oil mixture to give your tea more flavor.
         - Only add oils to heated water when you are ready to drink the tea. The oils will evaporate with     steam.

2. Peppermint for congestion and sinuses
Feeling stuffy? Make a tea using 2 drops of peppermint instead of the oils listed above. Make sure the water is hot. Breathe the steam through your nose until the tea is cool enough to drink and then drink it. 

3. Make a Diffuser Your Best Friend
There are a lot of different oils to diffuse when you're sick. I personally typically use a mixture of clove, peppermint, lavender, and lemon. If you have chest congestion, anything with eucalyptus is good. Like I said above, I can't use eucalyptus, but my family swears by a blend called R.C.

What are some things that you do to feel better when you're sick?


Unknown said...

I just watched your lip reading video through Blimey Cow and decided to visit your site. It's so crazy that you are writing about oils and being sick as I am in the middle of researching this myself since the whole family is passing so many germs around and I have a sinus infection. My problem especially with YL is affordability, but it does seem pretty clear that they are the best. Thanks so much for your suggestions I will be using them for sure. One question- I had thought you were not supposed to ingest essential oils? I am so new to it all 😏

Unknown said...

Hey heather! I had the same problem with YL until I actually used them and realized that they are more than worth the price. It helps to sign up as a distributer so that you get the discounted price (I could help you with that if you're interested but no pressure! feel free to e-mail me if you want details. I realized that buying any other brand was wasting my money rather than splurging for one that actually works.
It's true, you are NOT supposed to ingest any essential oils that are not high quality therapeutic grade like YL. However, I totally trust consuming Yl essential oils. My entire family and many of my friends have been using them in tea and for cooking for several years now and they've been really helpful that way. A friend told me once that someone she knew drank half a bottle of a YL essential oil in one shot just to prove that they're safe to ingest. I wouldn't recommend that but she was totally fine! haha

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