Monday, December 28, 2015

Airplanes, iPhones, and Grey Hairs

This Christmas has been filled with many new things for me. For one, I went to Florida for a week! Wearing shorts and t-shirts. I even got a little sun! I've never been to the beach in December before. It was great! 
This is the first year I can remember that my family did not get a Christmas tree. We always go to the lot and pick out a nice tall one that's a little flat on one side so we can fit it into the corner. This year I settled for a fake table top tree that I decorated with my 2-year-old nephew. 

I got a new phone! That might not seem like big news but I made the jump to an iPhone 6 from my "one step up from a flip" phone. I actually got made fun of by children when they saw my old phone. Not anymore! I've joined the world of internet in the palm of my hand, endless apps, apple pay, and constant communication - no excuses! I have to say, making the upgrade was a little bittersweet. I somewhat enjoyed having a legitimate excuse to disconnect from the technology world. But I got over that pretty fast. I love my new phone. 

I took an airplane ride all by myself. Before this past summer, I had never been on an airplane in my life. So this wasn't my first time flying, but it was my first time flying alone. I'm not scared of flying, I'm more scared of getting yelled at by security because I have no idea what I'm doing. And I did - get yelled at by security. I was so busy making sure I got all my things in the proper bins that I forgot to take my shoes off. Then the scanner beeped and I had to step aside and have my hands tested - for what, I have no idea. But I passed. So that was good. 
My mom always warned me that grey hair comes early in my family. "In your early 20s" she always told me. I thought that I would be the one to escape this fate, but alas, I did not. I found a grey hair - or 3 to be exact. I may have shed a tear. After a thorough check, those are the only 3 have to worry about for now. I think I'll live. 


Traci said...

Just found your blog through watching one of Jordan's videos :) Had to take a minute to say that you are just adorable and I'm completely impressed with such talent for such a young lady! Curious...are you and Jordan dating? You make an adorable couple, so if your
Glad Jordan led me to your blog :)

Unknown said...

I, too, recently joined the scary world of technology. iPhones are very intimidating after never having more than a little flip phone, and after making the switch I felt like the only person still having to ask "Hey, how do I unlock my phone?" Haha. But they are nice, now I can read awesome blogs in my room instead of at a desk! Also, don't worry about grey hairs. They are beautiful, and to have them means you have earned them. They just mean you are a bit wiser than the rest of us twenty-somethings. :)