Thursday, March 31, 2016

How Lavender Can Help You Have a Better Spring + Giveaway!

After a long, cold, grey winter, the colors of spring can be such a relief. I couldn't wait to open all the windows in the house and start driving with the top down. However, for some, the best parts about spring are also the worst. All those beautiful flowers come with a price.
Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? I used to have to take allergy medicine every spring for my itchy eyes and sneezing, but then I tried lavender essential oil and it worked so well that I almost never take allergy medicine anymore. I was really shocked how well and how fast it worked. I told Jordan to try it for his allergies, which are usually worse than mine, and he claims that it has changed his life. Seriously, if you have allergies, give it a try, it just might change your allergy life too.
Here are some ways that I use lavender oil to relieve my seasonal allergies:

1. Put It on Your Nose
That might sound weird, but I'm not kidding. Applying a drop directly to and around the bridge of your nose and over your sinus area can make a huge difference. Plus, it smells great!

2. Diffuse
I highly recommend a diffuser for more than one reason (See Why I Love My Diffuser) but it works especially well for allergies. If you find that you are sniffling and sneezing while you're inside or at night, diffuse a few drops of lavender and peppermint for some significant relief. Some people say to add lemon to the mix, but I have found that the lavender and peppermint works well enough for me without adding lemon. The lavender will help with allergy and itch relief and the peppermint will help you breathe better and clear congestion. You can also inhale straight from the bottle when needed.

3. Put It Where It Itches
If allergens make you itch, add some lavender oil, either full strength or diluted, directly to where you itch. It also works great on itchy bug bites.

Lavender isn't just good for allergies; it's also great for your skin; has a calming scent; can add a floral flavor to food and drinks like cake, ice cream, and lemonade; and so much more. Just remember that not all essential oils are safe to ingest and the effectiveness of your oil greatly depends on the quality of your oil. After trying other brands, including Doterra, I highly prefer using Young Living. In my experience, they're just the best!


Want to try lavender oil for yourself? I would like to give one lucky reader a bottle of their very own! If you participated in my Christmas Giveaway, then you know the drill. If not, see below!

The Prize 
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Congratulations Emma (horses_are_awesomesause)!
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Emma said...

Here is the link to the pin just in case you missed the notification :)

Sadie Sofia said...

I'm bummed that I can't participate :( I'm not on any of those social media platforms. Keep up the posts about essential oils and natural remedies, Sarah! I really like them.

Annie Luhmann said...

I did all three! :)

Unknown said...

Next time you do a giveaway, you should include Facebook too! I don't have twitter or instagram.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the power of essential oils! ;)
Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring; I am incredibly thankful to have found it. <3

Anonymous said...

I use Lavender oil in most all of the things I make (laundry soap, oil burner, household cleaners, etc). It is my favorite <3
That was great to learn about the bridge of the nose with allergies though. My husband gets bad allergies and I usually just light peppermint oil in my oil burner (one day I'll get a diffuser, but I've been burning oil since I was a teen). The lavender makes sense with it. I am sure that will be more helpful to him, so thank you so much.