Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Let's Get to Know Each Other!

This week marks my sixth month as a blogger and sometimes I still can't believe that I've made it this far. Blogging is such a part of my life at this point that I feel like I've been doing it forever, but at the same time, I feel like a complete newbie -- as in I have no idea what I'm doing or if my blog is even interesting or helpful enough to be worth anyone's time.

One thing that I've been told a lot throughout the past six months of blogging is that I need to write an "About Me" page for Blackberry Morning. At first, I didn't want to because I didn't want my blog to be defined by an "About Me" page that I conjured up myself. I guess I just wanted my content to speak for itself before I specifically told my readers what to think about me and my blog -- that, and I just had no idea what to say. I've never been good about talking about myself. It always makes me feel a little conceded even if that's kind of ridiculous.

So, instead of me just trying to think of a bunch of stuff to tell you about myself, I'd really love it if you guys would help me out with writing a better "About Me" page by asking me questions! I want my "About Me" page to feel like more of a conversation with you rather than just me trying to portray myself in words to a blank document. So is there anything that you would like to know about me? If there is, please ask! It would really help me a lot to know what it is you would like to know.

Like most new bloggers probably are, I have to admit to being a bit of a stats junky. Gotta keep track of those numbers! Watching the numbers grow is exciting and makes me feel that there is a chance that I'm actually managing to do a good job at this whole blogging thing. But numbers are also frustrating because a number can be deceiving. I want to know who those numbers are, and once I know the people, I want to know what they like, and if my ideas were helpful to them. Not only that, but I also want to know what kind of helpful ideas they have to offer as well. Basically what I'm saying is that I want to get to know you!

So, let's get to know each other a little better! Send me questions to help with my "About Me" page and also let me know a little bit about yourself too. I would really like to get to know you.

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Unknown said...

What made you want to start a blog? I started my Art Blog so that I could share my progress as an artist, and to give me a reason to draw everyday. c:

Annie Luhmann said...

Hi Sarah! My name's Annie. I'm 16, homeschooled, and from Missoula, MT. I originally heard about you through Blimey Cow. I can't remember if I just assumed this, or if you said it somewhere, but were you homeschooled? I just assumed you were, but maybe I was wrong. Also, what are some of your passions in life? What really gets you going and makes you happy? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite book (or multiple favorites :P )? Favorite movie and/or tv show? How you try to live beautifully. Some goals or hopes or dreams? What you find yourself doing on a lazy afternoon with no obligations...

RiaGrace said...

I really like your blog, because it seems like my own personal, all over inspiring, advisor. :)

Funny and random about me questions:
What are your favorite colors?
What do you like to do for fun?
How long can you hold your breath?
Coffee or Tea?
Book suggestions? (this is more a blog post question.)

More (serious? deep?) about me questions:
What is your goal in life?
Who/what do you aspire to?
How would you like your blog to be seen as/read?
A quote that inspires you?
What is your blog about (i.e. what is it for?)?

A little about me:
I'm calm on the outside and crazy on the inside. I believe the purpose of life is to glorify God with the gifts He has given us. I'm an artist/graphic designer and a self proclaimed bookworm. On most personality tests I've scored with either and ISTJ personality, or an ISJF personality; depends on whether I feel merciful at the time or not. I've tried blogging thrice...and failed miserably. Maybe you could do a blog post on how to keep up with a blog? :/

Emily Mann said...

I found your blog through blimey cow. I love it because you are a good photographer and writer. Also, you share what you love.

Good questions...
What was your favorite year of your life so far?
If you could take a month to visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Do you like small or large homes?
How many siblings do you have?
What are your favorite things to do with the people you love?

A little about me:
I'm nineteen, and the fourth child of eight. I'm about to be an aunt, and am super excited! I lead a drama club with zero beforehand experience, but so far it seems to be going pretty good. I love to spend time solving problems with the people I love, and playing games. I live in Florida, and work for my dad. I also have a hard time writing things about me. I blog also, mostly stories I've written, and things I've been thinking about. Someday I want to go to New Zealand.

Thanks for blogging!


Unknown said...

What is your Meyers Briggs? What is Jordan's?

Susannah! said...

Hi, My name is Susannah and I'm 17. (will be 18 next month)
I really enjoy your blog, even though I rarely comment :)
I have a few questions:
What is your favorite movie?
How many siblings do you have?
What is your house like? (is it in the country? suburbs? do you live with your family? on a farm?)
And what is one thing that people wouldn't guess about you if they first met you?
I look forward to all your new posts!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get tired of people shipping Jorah? Also, SHIP SHIP SHIP.

Sadie Sofia said...

What is your favorite thing about blogging? Why do you like to do it?

I just discovered your blog from the Lip Reading Challenge with Jordan. I was super excited to see all your essential oil posts and your recipes for skin care. Really liking what I'm seeing so far! Keep up the good work!

And I can relate to being a stat junky. You like to see and know that your words are being read! I loved seeing how many page views I was getting until I realized that my own counted :) So now, the page view number is very skewed, haha.

Unknown said...

Sarah, I love your blog! Please keep writing. It's so interesting and fun for me to read.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? I must confess, as much as I'd like to deny it, I'm addicted to watching the Bachelor! I know it's such a silly show, but I find it really fun to watch!

What is your favorite dessert to make? Recently, I've discovered nutella cookies and I LOVE them! And I only have to use flour, nutella, and an egg to make the cookies!

Your blog has inspired me to start a blog, too. I'm not sure when I'll do it - but I've been thinking through some ideas! Like, what will I do with the blog, why do I want to start a blog, what will I call it, etc. Where did you get inspiration for writing your blog and what is your focus/direction for the blog?

Unknown said...

What are some of your favorite bands/musical groups? I love Mumford & Sons, Nick Drake, Bon Iver, Dry the River, and Bear's Den!

Anonymous said...

Here from the Northwest! Found your blog through Blimey Cow! 😊

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah! I'm Amanda. I'm 15 (almost 16), a homeschooled/homecolleged Christian girl from the Northeastern US.

I'm going to echo just about everyone else here and tell you I found your blog through Blimey Cow. Of course I did. :)

Where did you get the idea to start blogging? I'm a blogger too - mine is scatteredjournalpages.com - and I blog twice a week about faith, it's kind of a devotional blog I guess, and occasionally post book reviews.

So a few questions:
Do you like to read? If so, what genre?
How did you become interested in health/essential oils/nutrition/etc.?
What's your favorite thing to do on a free day? Stay in? Go out? Chill with friends?
What TV shows do you like?
If you could impact one person, what would that impact be?
How many siblings do you have? How did you and Jordan meet?

Okay...a lot of questions, sorry. ;)

Becca Maggie said...

Hi Sarah! :)
I'm a little late to the party but your post "resonated" with me so much -- wondering what to write in "About Me" and wanting to know who the heck is actually perusing through your posts, etc. (My blog is currently static because I feel like I'm blogging out into thin air. :P )

About your blog...
I've been interested in your crafts and DIY posts, sewing, fashion, and cool cakes - because, being the 'audience,' it's fun to gather ideas (especially from pictures) and see how other people do things. (Again, your cakes = cool)

Recipes are great too, if anything, because we kind of (at least, feel like) we know you on some level, and trust your tastes. (I'd take a recipe from a friend over that of a famous baker's any day)

You also seem to know quite a bit about healthy living -- I would love to hear about that! :)

So, I guess, what most of us would like to read about is your personal preferences and experiences? (Which you already do)

As for questions... (look out for a bunch
If it's not too personal, what kind of job do you have/are looking to get into?
How did you grow up? (ex. in the country/business-minded family/musical background/travel much-- that kind of thing)
What kind of media are you into? (Music/Disney/Youtube/Reading etc.)
What is your outside activity to do?
What kinds of things do you save up for? (That sounds weird, but basically, what do you invest in? Like, I save up for recording equipment; others invest their resources in My Little Pony figurines. haha)
What are 3 things you like about yourself? (Thanks to Kelli for that one. lol)

Hope you get some ideas from these questions! And don't be scared to just tell us other, general things about yourself.
Most of us come here because we're curioous about you, and your way of living, anyway.
Have fun blogging! And here's to another successful half year! haha

Hannah said...

Hi Sarah! I love you and your blog! You are an amazing, beautiful, inspiring, Christian young woman. I look up to you so much. :)
I, like almost everyone else, found you through Blimey Cow and Jordan Taylor.
I'm also home schooled, and I'm almost 17 but I'm already taking college classes. Do you have any tips for college? Some could be about being a Christian in college, getting the best grades, how home schooled students should prepare for college, and how to still life a healthy life in college.
I am interested in trying essential oils but have never done anything with them. Any tips for someone with no experience?
You are so beautiful! Do you have any modest makeup, hair and clothing tips? I love your style!
What pets do you have?
What are your goals for the future?
How do you seek to grow in your faith?
Do you have any decorating or organization tips?
Do you have any relationship advice for dating, friends, or marriage?
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite place you have visited?
Would you rather stay at home or go exploring with no plan, or go on a planned out trip?
What job do you have or want to have? Or do you want to be a stay-at-home wife/mom (which is one of the hardest jobs in my opinion!)?
How do you find contentment and joy?
Would you rather be alone, or with family or friends?
I'm sorry if I have way to many questions. ;)
Thank you so much for starting this blog and for doing Pinterest.
I pray God will continue to bless you in whatever you do. :)

Elaina said...

(: Dear Sarah,

I landed on your blog through Blimey Cow, I'm sure. (It's been fun to watch you in their videos for several years now. :)) When I found your blog, though, I was struck by your sincere desire for aesthetic living. I have enjoyed every post: wanting to make the recipes you share (and even better, wanting to create my own!), wanting to diffuse lavender oil in every room of the house, to sew cushiony pillows for every one of my friends, or to visit the scenic, quaint places of Nashville, Tennessee. Each little post is like a sip of a new flavor of tea: I'm always smiling in the end.
As I grow up bit by bit, I see the time accelerating and the seasons shifting more quickly as they come and leave. My question then, for you, would be, what has been the truly most important parts of your life that define it? In other words, there will be much we forget; but some that lasts forever. Do you have any nuggets of wisdom for how to, in general, be wise to not miss the latter, to invest in the latter?
For me, I have a homeschooling background--something I treasure!--and will soon spring into new pursuits, becoming independent myself (which is a mixture of both yay! and yikes!, of course :)). Linguistics, leadership, and the lost art of letter writing are all things importantly valuable to me, not before my family and my relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as ocean shores and blueberry muffins. :)
Thanks for reaching out to us!

Elaina Noelle

Emma said...

Hi Sarah! I have a few questions and would love for you to answer them. :)

1.) If you had one piece of advice for people considering starting a blog, what would it be?
2.) How/when/where did you and Jordan meet?
3.) What is your all-time favorite recipe that you have ever made?

Thank you! I love your blog by the way!

Evangeline said...

Oooh these are great questions! :-D

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah!
I just came across your blog as I was watching your engagement video. Congrats! Enjoy this time of being engaged. It's beautiful and special and it goes fast. Prayers going your way as you plan a wedding. I just got married last Summer to the love of my life. We have been married 7 months now and it's amazing! Enjoy it!
I've watched Blimey Cow for a while and have loved their stuff. I was homeschooled and relate to all the videos! lol! So that's how I hard about your blog. I haven't read much yet, but you share a creative life like I do! I love finding KindredSpirits :) I'm totally subscribing!!!
I live in Colorado and have been running my own art studio, gallery/business for 13 years now. I teach art to kids and adults as well as sell my original paintings and art products. I'm constantly doing something creative. I love every minute of being my own boss and doing what I love and sharing it with others!
My website is here if you care to check it out:
And my monthly newsletter where I share my creative inspiration, ideas, and progress:

One question that I always like to ask creative people is, where do you get your inspiration for what you do? So that's my question to you :) Hope that helps!
Mary Langewisch

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! So glad I thought to look up your blog. I had heard you mention it through blimeycow and thought you seemed very sweet. I love your blog style and format, very simple yet elegant. It is really cool to meet you through your writing and you seem just how I though you would be and even sweeter.