Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Days

We've had reportedly record breaking snow here in Nashville over the past few days. I measured 6 inches in my backyard. The amount of snow was quite unusual for the area, but what was even more unusual was the quality. There was 6 inches of pure soft powder. As most Nashvillians know, that is the true rarity of this week's snow. We usually just have a nice coating of pure ice. Even if we do get some nice snow, it usually starts to melt within a few hours and then refreezes as soon as the sun goes down, leaving us with ice. The end result is pretty much always ice. That's why Nashvillians are infamously known for being terrified of snowflakes. What the world doesn't know is that it's not the snow we're particularly afraid of, it's the ridiculous amounts of ice that form from crazy temperature fluctuations that keep us home and off the roads. 
One of the best things about Nashville when it snows is that it doesn't happen too often, so when it does, everyone turns into a kid and goes outside to play. Everyone goes outside and builds snowmen and has snowball fights. And don't forget the copious amounts of snowscape pictures that are taken. Obviously, I am guilty of this as well. What can I say? I'm a native. 
Today, all the snow is gone because after having below freezing weather for the past week, it ended with yesterday being in the upper 40s, and possibly even in the 50s. That's Nashville for you. And even though the world is happily mobile again, the soggy grayness is somewhat depressing. Until next time, we can all take a little comfort in the beauty of the 300 pictures we took of our snow, fun-filled days.

What's it like when it snows where you live?
What's your favorite snow activity?


Aaliyah Marie said...

We got 16 inches in Kentucky!

Stephanie said...

Ah, we live in Southern Nevada and rarely get any snow, apart from in the mountains nearby. Last real snow we had at our house was in 2008, and I measured 6 inches with a ruler on our truck! :) It was so fun.