Monday, February 1, 2016

5 of My Favorite Money and Time Saving Apps

As you may have heard, I recently became the proud owner of an iPhone. I know. How did I make it this long without a real phone? Before that, my phone was barely a step up from a flip phone. In fact, my mom's flip phone actually worked better than my old phone. Not even two months after my big upgrade, I've realized how much of a help my new phone can be. Here is a list of five of my favorite apps:

1. Mint
Mint is great. Get Mint. Seriously. I've always been a big penny pincher, but I have cut my spending almost in half since I got this app. It allows you to connect all of your accounts and shows your saving and spending progress throughout the month. It's also an easy budget making tool and will alert you when you've gone over budget. Mint is great. Get Mint.

2. Ibotta
 Ibotta is a rebate app. It's great because there are so many options, including "any brand" rebates that can used for things like produce or your favorite frozen pizza. I mostly use this app for grocery stores but there are other categories like clothing, office, and pets too. The best part is that it's really easy to use and it works on sale items and when combined with coupons. I got a quart of yogurt on Manager's Special at Kroger and then used the "any brand" yogurt rebate on Ibotta. I ended up paying about $1 for a quart of organic yogurt. That's a pretty good deal. 


Unknown said...

Okay, I might have to jump in the game and get Mint...

My favorite app is called "Workflowy." It's a list of lists. I keep all my brainstorms in it, and then rearrange my ideas as I refine them. You could call it a do-list app but really it's best for storing and organizing ideas! And it's free!

Thanks for sharing, Sarah!!

TechyZeldaNerd said...

Interesting list, though I'll admit I am not quite willing to let a company track every store that I go into just for a bit of cash. It's just a bit unnerving to do so.

One thing I do recommend is a barcode scanner (such as Google Goggles and I know the Amazon app used to do it) so you can check the price of an item on Amazon. I don't know about other places, but the Staples here and I think a few other places will price match with Amazon. It isn't a ton of savings, but it's probably ~10% off most moderately priced technology.

Unknown said...
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