Thursday, September 3, 2015

Volcanos to Peonies

It all started in high school, when I decided to make one of my brother's friends a cake for his birthday. It was supposed to be somewhat of a joke and I ended up with the ugliest volcano cake you've ever seen. Of course, I was very proud of it at the time. However, ugly cake or not, a baker was born. I started making cakes for everyone, for every birthday, any time a cake was needed. I learned a lot along the way and experimented with different recipes and techniques.  

It wasn't long before I got an offer to sell my first cake and I charged way too little. I actually would've just barely broken even if the nice couple who ordered the cake had not realized that I was crazy and paid me double. Thank you! 

Now I am the go-to girl for all my friend's and family's cake needs. I usually only end up making a few a year, but it's a lot of fun and I get excited when I get to try new things. Lately, I've been enjoying the more natural, not perfectly smooth buttercream kind of cakes. They have an imperfect beauty about them that I love. It's interesting to see them come together. At first they look messy and unfinished, but as you add all the finishing touches, it all ends up coming together.  

Above is a cake that I made for my friend's wedding in July. I was also a bridesmaid so it was a very busy day and, unfortunately, I was not able to document the process. Hopefully I will be able to make another cake sometime soon and I will be able to send some cake making tips your way. Please feel free to send me questions and topic suggestions! 


Maryanne Harris said...

I love the natural "homestyle" look too! Love your flower placement! Great job!
Maryanne Harris-

Unknown said...

Would you consider writing a recipe book? I think it would be amazing!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Maryanne! That means a lot coming from you, your cakes are beautiful!

Java Python, I would have a long way before I could fill a whole book but thanks for the idea! Maybe I'll have enough written down someday.

Rapunzel said...

I love your cakes! They're so pretty and cute! I enjoy decorating cakes, and some of my relatives have suggested that I should sell them. I'm wondering how you get started doing that. Can you just start advertising and making them, or are there any sort of regulations or licenses you have to take care of before starting to sell cakes? I'd love to hear more about what you did.
Your blog is really great, by the way!