Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Secret Beaches of Lake Tahoe

Chimney Beach
Emerald Bay

This summer, I traveled to Reno for a business trip with my family. Even though it was a work trip, we made time to see as much as we could. It would've been a shame to have traveled that far from home to a beautiful place without having done any sightseeing.  

We took a day and drove around Lake Tahoe, stopping and hiking as we went. There are so many beaches on Lake Tahoe, it's hard to know where to go. I had done some searching before we left to try to find the very best one and ended up finding many lists of "Secret Beaches" of Lake Tahoe that all looked amazinghowever, no one listed where exactly these beaches were located -- hence "secret." 

I was determined. I was going to find one.  

It was almost the end of the day, we had gone almost completely around the entire lake, and still no secret beach. But I had had so much fun, it didn't even matter anymore. We saw some cars parked along the road and decided to stop and walk down to the water. Then, there, I realized that we had found a "Secret Beach." Chimney Beach! I was probably a little too excited.  

Now, I could give away the approximate location of Chimney Beach, but then it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Maybe that's the fun of having "Secret Beaches," it's just that much more exciting when you find what you're looking for. Maybe even when you least expect it.

The water is so clear.


Jordan said...

These pictures turned out so well. This is my favorite post so far.

Jessica Spurlock said...

I just found your blog and I love it so much! Your posts are goals! I can't wait to see more! :D

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jessica! :)